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New Video Cheap Electric Wool Winder/ Cone Winder Method

The old video seems to have been deleted so I made a new one. You can use cardboard cones or plastic cones, they need to fit over the beater and in a way that you can lodge it on firmly for it to turn symmetrically around it´s own axis (otherwise it´ll spin off and give … Continue reading

Electric Cone Winder: The VLP Method

Ever since I started knitting on the machine, it was always annoying to have to wind wool on cones to thicken the threads for the machine. Buying a typical cone winder was out of the question because they only did tiny balls (and were extremly expensive/electrical ones).  I needed the whole cone plastik or cardboard … Continue reading

Masters Diploma: Mongolia – Culture of Tradition and Modernity

Masters Diploma: Mongolia – Culture of Tradition and Modernity As Inspiration For A Womenswear Collection In 2006 I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin with a Masters Degree in Fashion Design and Technology having written my dissertation on fashion, women, history, social topics in Mongolia and using this as inspiration for a womenswear … Continue reading

The CK 35: What I have learned so far…

The Brother CK 35: Understanding how it works My efforts to understand and use the machine without reading the instructions back to front and after having taken the machine apart piece for piece, cleaning it and putting it back together, see previous post. Memory & Storage The CK 35 is quite different from the previous … Continue reading

Brother CK 35 is … Go!

It seems like forever that I bought a used ck 35 and had it delivered to etib in summer. After having unpacked it I was dismayed at the state of it and wanted to clean it top to bottom. What a task! But it´s all worth it when you switch it on and this happens: … Continue reading

Knitweave: The Mermaid Dress

The mermaid dress was made in 2009 for a competition sponsored by Schoeller Wool. I also used several kinds of fabrics: chiffon, cotton, net, silk, other yarns and pearls and corals. Enjoy the pictures: