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Electric Cone Winder: The VLP Method

Wool 1

Ever since I started knitting on the machine, it was always annoying to have to wind wool on cones to thicken the threads for the machine.

Buying a typical cone winder was out of the question because they only did tiny balls (and were extremly expensive/electrical ones).  I needed the whole cone plastik or cardboard to be used otherwise there would be too many knots in the sweater.

Searching ebay and the web for a long time only led to two conclusions:

1) only an industrial cone winder which uses industrial cones is worth it.

Problem: too expensive and rare.

2) make your own.

I found several diy versions even one that uses small industrial cones but also very expensive.  And I had different sized cones which would also not work.

So I did what I always do, think local, think in household terms!

Enjoy the video!


Now if this didn´t make you smile and go AHA! then you are obviously not a knitter!

It fits any size cone plastic or cardboard, depending on your machine it will have different speeds and is easily stored in any box or drawer.

The tension is set by your hand and you need to limp your wrist and move your hand at the width of the area where the wool should go.

It helps to tighten the tension (by closing your hand or pressing thumb and forefinger together on the thread) halfway through.

Be careful not to get friction burns or cuts in your fingers.

You can get several hundred grams on one cone, but don´t try too much otherwise it might unwind during knitting and knot (includes a lot of swearing if you do) and it will get too heavy to hold.  It needs practice to wind the wool on the cone so it is easily knittable and evenly wound onto the cone.

I am sure some of you will find even niftier way to control tension or fix the “winder” to a table.

Go forth and be creative!

Simple, Cheap, Genius!



6 thoughts on “Electric Cone Winder: The VLP Method

  1. For some reason, I can’t access the video. It’s just a blank space on my screen.

    Posted by Aliya | February 4, 2015, 5:44 pm
  2. I can’t see the video either, would really like to know what solution you came up with ! Thanks !

    Posted by ginny | November 9, 2015, 10:46 am
  3. Can’t see the video. really wanted to know your solution.

    Posted by Meher | December 21, 2015, 11:39 am

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